i love bears.. and video games..

zangief is BEAUTIFUL


wolf with some materia. gets +10 ATK and DEF

i like friends.. hence the bears name :D

fox, he’s the bad guy but he’s lovable

My bear :D

this is the front cover of my films produtcion manual… its pretty plain but it came out nice when i got it printed.

Films name is King Rat..because i couldnt think of anything else so my tutor used it as a title for his notes.. the king is actually a goat in it… oh well

Im such a tumblr noob i dont have a clue what im doing… ANYWAY heres another character sheet. i’ll post other stuff from my produtcion manual too..

heres elliots character. shes the awesome fearless leader character that doesnt do much so glitch has to step in with her sword

a second character sheet. shes based off my pet rat Bizmark who passed away a while ago. sadface. at least she gets to be in a film.. she’s like heath.. no one can play the role of ‘fat lazy rat’ again… because shes doing such a drop dead good job…DEAD